Focus Area: International Finance

Dr. Leipziger has a long history of research, practical policy involvement, and lecturing in aspects of international finance and development. From his early days analyzing the role of SDRs and their distribution in the system, to his work on the banking crises in Argentina in the mid-1990痴 (where he helped design the consolidation financing program for both public and private banks), to his leadership of Financial Sector Adjustment loans in Latin America as well as his management of the World Bank's bailout loan to Korea and related work during the Asian financial crisis, he has been deeply involved in international financial issues. His published work, including a volume with Caprio and others on banking crises, an early published assessment of convertibility risks in Argentina, and Lessons from Asia have provided him with strong policy and practical experience. He is a frequent participant in Central Bank conferences and knows many Governors personally.


Seoul, Korea, February, 2009





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