Focus Area: Regional Activities - East Asia

Dr. Leipziger is Vice President for the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) unit, the World Bank's economic policy group, and also serves as the Head of the PREM Network which consists of economists and specialists in the Bank's Regions undertaking economic analysis, policy advice, lending and technical assistance. He has particular expertise on East Asia and is familiar both with the region's development legacy and its current challenges. A frequent speaker in the Region and well known to many in policymaking circles, he has written extensively on Korea, has lectured there and managed major lending operations. He has recently delivered keynote speeches in Singapore and Indonesia, and has lectured at the University of the Philippines. He is engaged in policy discussions in China, Indonesia and Vietnam and is frequently consulted on regional issues. He maintains a special relationship with policymakers in the region.


Recent Work:

Countries of Focus:


  • Lead Departmental Economist, Country Department I, East Asia and Pacific Region, World Bank
  • Principal Economist, Korea and Southeast Asia Division, East Asia and Pacific Country Programs Department
  • Senior Economist, Financial Policy Department, World Bank

Written Work:


Career Highlights:

  • Led World Bank's first $3bn bailout loan to Korea in 1997
  • Opened the Economic Dialogue with Vietnam
  • Head of the World Bank delegation to the Hong Kong Trade Ministerial
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