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Putting the "I" in Globalization
GW Global Forum
March 2012

In a recent symposium organized by the growth dialogue that I head and the OECD we focused on the changing geography of innovation -- the shift eastward. A number of emerging market economies are increasing their public R&D expenditures. More>>

Watch the speech here.

China's Economic Prospects and Challenges
Institute for Global Economics
May 2010

In the world’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, China’s economy still managed to grow 8.7% in 2009. However, the external picture for China is quite mixed. More>>

The New Face of Globalization: A Post-Crisis Assessment

Sir W. Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture
The 2009 Annual Conference of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
St. Kitts

I have just completed 28 years of work in the field of development economics and I must say that just as we began to think that we understood things better, we are confronted by the current economic and financial crisis that has served to humble us. More>>


Commemorating the 50 year Anniversary of the Colombian National Planning Department Bogota, Colombia
December 2008 (text of speech in Spanish)

Dr. Leipziger discusses the Growth Commission Report findings at a commemoration of the Colombian National Planning Department. Mas>>


Shaping the Social Dimension of Globalization
Meeting of G8 Labor and Employment Ministers
Dresden, Germany
May 2007

Globalization is good for prosperity. Globalization is a positive sum game in the aggregate for both developed and developing countries, but it produces both winners and losers.


Migration and Development: What are the Priority Policy Issues?
Migration and Development Conference
Washington DC, USA
May 2007

We are now in the midst of a new, massive wave of emigration that is comparable to other large and epic movements of people registered in human history and that led to the shaping of new nations and new economic realities. More>>


Growth and Urbanization
Growth Commission Workshop on Urban Productivity and Spatial Inequalities
Washington, DC, USA
March 2007


Women’s Economic Empowerement as Smart Economics: A Dialogue on Policy Options
Opening Remarks
Berlin, Germany
February 2007

It is important to recognize that economic empowerment is not only a women’s issue, it is a development issue. Investments in roads, energy, water, agricultural inputs and financial services will yield higher economic returns if they are designed to benefit women. More>>


Towards Better Governance and Less Corruption: A Battle We Must All Fight
Mouvement des Entreprises de France
Paris, France
December 2006

The Bank has been an energetic advocate of governance reforms for the last decade. It has attacked the problem from a variety of angles – public expenditure management, sectoral reforms, and national anti-corruption programs. The new strategy builds upon this work and creates significant new space for stepping-up our assistance to countries to strengthen their efforts to root out corruption. More>>

Address to the Sixth Session of the WTO Ministerial
Hong Kong, China
December 2005

The World Bank supports your efforts in negotiating the Doha Development Agenda (DDA), not only because trade is important for growth, but also because the outcome of these negotiations can play an important role in the fight against poverty. Success will leverage ongoing efforts on increasing aid and debt relief with a view to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. More>>


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