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A Complete List of Dr. Leipziger's Interviews and Op-Ed's are listed below:

Reuters News story Quotes Danny Leipziger on the Need for More Stimulus Packages from G-20 CountriesReuters News
March 2009


Agencia EFE story Quotes Danny Leipziger on the Need for the G-20 to Consider Emerging and Poor CountriesAgencia EFE
March 2009

*Note - this report is in Spanish


El País Newspaper Quotes Danny Leipziger on the Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Emerging EconomiesWorld Bank
March 2009

*Note - this report is in Spanish


Korean Economic Daily Quotes Danny Leipziger on Financial CrisisMaeil
February 2009

*Note - this article is in Korean


Interview on the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)World Bank
Washington, DC
September 2007

The World Bank, in partnership with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), launched an initiative to help developing countries recover assets stolen by corrupt leaders, help invest them in effective development programs and combat safe havens internationally.


Combining Crisis Management With Effective Growth Strategies
Op-ed in, December 5, 2008

Economic policymakers are currently confronted with the “perfect storm,” namely, a financial meltdown in the industrialized economies that has spread to the real sector, causing a global downturn. The challenge to finance ministries to manage the short-run difficulties of the crisis while also maintaining conditions for long-term growth will be significant.


Let's Stop Vulture Funds From Preying on the Poor
Op-ed in Le Monde, June 26, 2007

If the behavior of vulture funds is not curbed correctly, we risk seeing an unnecessary erosion of the benefits of the developing country debt relief for which so many people have campaigned and on which the hopes of so many of the world’s poorest people depend.


The World Bank's Anti-Corruption Fight Continues
Op-ed in The Japan Times, The Taipei Times, The Economic Times of India, June 18, 2007
with Sanjay Pradhan

Corruption is a major obstacle to economic development, costing billions of dollars a year that could otherwise be used to reduce poverty and promote economic growth. Improving governance and fighting corruption helps countries deliver basic services better and create growth and employment opportunities for the benefit of the poor.


Globalisation's losers need support
Op-ed in the Financial Times , May 15, 2007
with Michael Spence

The modern globalisation debate deals with many important issues: governance, regulation and risk. None is more important, however, than who benefits and who loses, absolutely and relatively, in both advanced and developing countries.



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