Economic Viewpoint

Economic Viewpoint is a newsletter that Dr. Leipziger sends to a global audience of academics and policy makers. Dr. Leipziger has written on topics such as the recent lessons from the global financial crisis and its impact on our development paradigms, as well as the uncertainty over the role of sovereign wealth funds in the global financial system. Read more below...

Another Missed Opportunity for the G-20 Number 40 Novembe 2014

New Challenges for Latin America Number 39 September 2014

The Elusive Quest for Inclusive Growth Number 38 May 2014

The Long and the Short of It: Dilemmas for U.S. Growth Number 37 September 2013

Poor Civics, Bad Economics and Worse Outcomes Number 36 March 2013

Argentina: an Unusual Case of Recidivist Economic Policies Number 35 November 2012

Growth, Growth, My Kingdom for some Growth Number 34 August 2012

What next at the World Bank? Number 33 June 2012

Why Should We Fret About Worsening Income Distribution? Number 32 May 2012

The Competition Between Western Capitalism and State Capitalism Number 31 - March 2012

Cities As Green Growth Innovators Number 30 - February 2012

Why the ECB Has to Be More Like the Federal Reserve Number 29 - November 2011

Europe’s Avoidable Policy Mistakes: Learning from Experience Number 28 - September 2011

Multilateralism Under Stress Number 27 - July 2011

The Increasing Importance of Behavioral Economics for Policy Number 26 - March 2011

What Makes China So Different From Its Neighbors? Number 25 - February 2011

What Have Developing Countries Learned from the Crisis? Number 24 - January 2011

The Global Growth Outlook: Does Pessimism Dominate? Number 23 - December 2010

In the End, It All Comes Down to Supply and Demand Number 22 - November 2010

What Can the Industrialized Countries Learn from Korea Number 21 - November 2010

Six Points of Inflection Number 17 - March 2010

The Different Paths of Economic Recovery Number 16 - December 2009

Is the World Bank's Case so Difficult to Make? Number 15 - October 2009

How to Explain Argentina and where It Is Headed? Number 14 - July/August 2009

In Defense of a More Balanced View of the Current International Economic Order Number 13 - June 2009

Where oh Where can that Capital Be? Number 12 - May 2009

The Fate of Innocent Bystanders Number 11 - April 2009

Global Challenges and Popular Misconceptions Number 10 - March 2009

Changing Economic Paradigms: How Far to Go? Number 9 - January 2009

Rebalancing Government and Market or the End of Capitalism As We Know it?  Number 8 - December 2008

Lessons from Developing Countries on Financial Crises Number 7 - October 2008

Macro-economic Policies: Is Consensus Slipping Away? Number 6 - September 2008

State of Confusion Over Sovereign Wealth Funds Number 5 - July 2008

Why Is the Word Stagflation Missing from Our Economic Lexicon? Number 4 - May 2008

Re-examining Korea's Crisis in a Post Sub-Prime World Number 3 - April 2008

Why Do We Care about the Middle Class in Fighting Poverty? Number 2 - March 2008

Why are Americans Unconcerned about the Weak Dollar? Number 1 - February 2008


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