Focus Area: Regional Activities - Latin America

Dr. Leipziger is Vice President for the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit at the World Bank. He has extensive experience in Latin America, having led the economic policy dialogue with the Southern Cone countries during financial crises and leading the Bank's infrastructure and finance work for six years, from 1998-2004. Additionally, he was involved in revitalizing the Bank's dialogue and lending in areas of banking consolidation, competitiveness and logistics, rural energy, urban transportation, water and sanitation. He has worked closely with many Latin American governments on privtization issues, export strategies, and private sector policies. He has advised Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Argentina, and Brazil on banking and financial issues and led major lending operations in the region. A frequent participant at regional conferences, he has delivered keynote speeches in Colombia on performance-based budgeting; in Argentina on the link between infrastructure and growth; and in Honduras on governance and the private sector. He has participated in senior policy discussions with transition teams in Mexico, Chile, and Peru and is well known in the region.



  • Lead Departmental Economist, Country Department I, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank (1993-1996)


Countries of Focus:

Career Highlights:
  • Managed $500 million Emergency Bank Reconstruction Loan for Argentina in 1995
  • Designed Provincial Loan strategy for Argentina
  • Negotiated World Bank's First Reimbursable Advisory Services Agreement with Chile

Recent Engagements:

Written Work:

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